WWDC 2015

Well I got around to watching the keynote from Apple's Worldwide developers conference yesterday and there's some really exciting stuff in there, much of which will be interesting to our customers and followers.

But as usual not everyone will be interested in everything so I have once again created a timeline of what is talked about in the keynote, for anyone who wants to jump to the bit that they are specifically interested in. To jump around, simply drag the slider underneath the video and watch the timer on the left side of the slider.

First off, here is the link to get to the keynote video:


And here is what you will find in the keynote, and when:

0.00 Funny skit about rehearsals going wrong
4.45 Tim Cook on stage
8.40 Overview of what will be discussed
9.50 Craig Federighi on stage for OS X announcements
12.40 Demo of OS X new features
19.25 Summary of new features in the now OS X 'El Capitan'
20.40 Talk turns to 'Metal' the way that OS X can improve graphical processing
22.45 Epic Games on stage to talk about what they have created using Metal on OS X
27.20 Release timing - Autumn for public release
27.45 Talk turns to iOS
29.20 Siri improvements
33.40 iOS demo begins
39.10 iOS Privacy information
40.15 Apple Pay
43.25 Apple Pay is coming to the UK
44.30 New iOS 9 apple pay features
45.10 Passbook changes its name to 'wallet'
46.10 Notes in Ios 9
48.00 Maps
48.40 Transit maps
51.25 'News' app introduction
52.10 News app demo
57.45 Craig is back on stage with 'News' app summary
59.15 Talk turns to iPad
59.45 Quicktype keyboard improvements
61.15 Multitasking on iPad
61.40 Demo of new iPad features in iOS 9
66.00 Demo ends - summary and developer information about API’s
66.45 Which iPads the multitasking features will work on
67.15 Talk about the'Foundations' which improve graphics and battery life
68.25 Security with two factor authentication
69.10 iOS 9 update summary
69.35 More developer information for iOS 9
70.30 HealthKit additions
71.00 Homekit
71.35 Carplay
72.20 Swift
74.50 Supported devices on iOS 9
75.10 Tim Cook back on stage for a summary of subjects so far and to talk about developers
77.00 100 Billion apps downloaded
78.10 Developer video
85.00 Talk turns to WatchOS (new version available in Autumn)
86.25 Kevin Lynch (WatchOS head) on stage to talk about upcoming Apple Watch features
94.30 What Apple can do for Apple Watch developers
97.50 demo of the upcoming WatchOS
102.00 demo ends
102.45 Tim back on stage
103.20 one more thing… the introduction of 'Apple Music'
104.07 Video on the history of music
105.45 Tim back to announce apple music
106.25 Jimmy Iovine on stage
108.30 'Apple music' video
111.00 Jimmy Iovine describes what 'Apple music' actually is
114.30 Eddy Cue up to describe how it work
116.50 Zane Lowe talks about the 'Beats1' radio station
118.00 Eddy back on stage
118.20 Apple Connect service for connecting artists with fans
119.25 Drake on stage to talk about what it’s going to be like to be an artist on connect
123.45 Demo of music app (launching on June 30th)
136.45 Tim Cook is back on stage
137.00 advert for apple music
138.00 Tim is back on stage
139.30 The Weeknd live performance of new song "Can't Feel My Face"
143.30 The end

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