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The TMS Summer Newsletter 2017
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Summer tech time!

Well, the Summer is here again and it's time for another TMS newsletter. Things have been slightly quieter than usual over the last month at TMS so I'm asking all my friends and customers to do me a small favour... If you have any friends or family who you feel would benefit from some technology training or support could you forward this email on to them as a way of spreading the word? I cover Apple computers, phones, tablets, watches and Apple TV as well as windows, android, websites, word processing, spreadsheets... the list goes on!

If you have been sent this newsletter by somebody (who must be a very good friend!) then feel free to visit my website for more information: 

Now, on to the newsletter!


A few quick updates first.

Summer Holidays
The school Summer holidays are closing in and I will be doing some more childcare over those six weeks. I will be working three days every week and will also be available for evening remote support sessions. Evening sessions are usually more expensive but over the Summer holidays I will be charging evening sessions (remote support only) at the same rate as daytime sessions, so if you need some support I will still be available! The only 'proper' holiday I will be taking is between the 16th of August and the 24th, starting back again on the 25th of August. I will still be answering emails over this time though so still partially available!

Mac Monitoring
There has been some interest in my starting up a subscription based computer monitoring service, but not enough to warrant spending money on the software required. If you would be interested in having me keep constant watch on your computer to warn you of nasty surprises let me know! (don't worry if you already expressed an interest, I have you on my list already).

A customer suggested that I set up a way of leaving a tip, for times when people feel I have provided value above and beyond the amount they have paid. It is now an option available at: 

I have found an easier way for people to leave me reviews on Google, click the blue button below if you fancy leaving a review.
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Apple Announcements

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) took place at the beginning of June and there were some exciting announcements. Click this button:
WWDC Blog post
To go to my blog post which takes the WWDC announcements and gives the pertinent timings so you can skip right to the bit which interests you. There is also a link on the blog post which goes over all of the announcements in a 7 minute video if you are just looking for an overview.

Jargon Busting

There are some pieces of jargon which really need explaining if you are to make sense of the technology world. In this issue we look at three which are gradually getting more and more public attention. Impress your friends by knowing what they all mean!

AI (Artificial Intelligence)
If you enjoy science fiction then Artificial Intelligence may well be something you have been fearful of for some time! We may not be at the level of AI that threatens to take over the world yet, but modern AI can do some pretty impressive things. Current AI does things like looking at our photos and identifying things in them so when you search your photos for items like 'dog', 'mountain', 'birthday' or 'camping' it may well be able to return relevant photos to you. AI can also do things like predicting what you might be searching the internet for before you actually do it. Let's imagine that you have something coming up in your calendar, like a holiday perhaps, your AI assistant may well already know where and when you are going and be able to suggest places to eat when you get there, or warn you of traffic issues on the way, all without needing you to get things started. Slightly scary perhaps but overall very convenient!
VR (Virtual Reality)
Virtual reality gives users a way to enter an entirely different world by using a headset which places two small screens right in front of your eyes, displaying a virtual world which may range from a virtual cookery lesson to a virtual rollercoaster. VR promises to allow people to visit places in the world they have never been, and indeed places that have never before existed. Currently VR is being used mainly for games but in the future we may see virtual classrooms with pupils all over the world getting together to learn, or virtual businesses and offices where people go to work by putting on their headset!
AR (Augmented Reality)
Augmented reality has similarities to VR but with one fundamental difference... You are still looking at the real world but with additional (augmented) elements. There are some good demonstrations of AR in the WWDC keynote mentioned earlier in the newsletter but imagine looking down at an empty table and having it augmented to show you a game you are playing, or an aerial view of a city. Perhaps cars will use AR to point out which direction you should be driving... instead of a little sat nav telling you where to go, you might follow a floating line which seems to appear in front of the vehicle, or perhaps even a yellow brick road! AR is likely to be everywhere in the next few years now that Apple have made it a focus, but I expect it will be a while before everyone is wearing special glasses to make AR available all the time.

Look forward to more Jargon busting in future newsletters!

Interesting Technology

This section is for looking at technology ideas that I think are ingenious. It's important to know however that we haven't tested any of these technologies and are not recommending them, just found them interesting! Click on the pictures to be linked to the relevant video.

3D Printed Houses

3D Printed House Video
Huge 3D printers that use concrete as their 'ink' can now print entire buildings on site where previously they needed to be printed in a factory and assembled later.

Automatic braking technology

This video has been around for years but I only saw it the other day so it might be new to you as well! Automatic braking on lorries can potentially save many lives.

Wheelchairs on stairs

Not the only design for a wheelchair that tackles stairs but I thought this one seemed quite an elegant solution.

That's all folks!

The last thing we would ever want to do is spam your email address, so this newsletter is supposed to be a monthly (been much less frequent than that recently!) event filled with content designed to inspire and educate our friends and customers, and keep you up to date with what we're working on. Of course if you would rather not receive our monthly freebie, there is a link to unsubscribe at the bottom of this email! If you have friends or family who you believe would be interested in getting this newsletter, you can sign them up on our contact page - Click here to go to the TMS contact page

Finally, if there is anything you would like to see in our newsletter then just let us know!

With best wishes to you all,

Chris Smith
Lead Trainer
Technology Made Simple
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