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Spring is Springing and TMS is loving it!

Wow! How is it March already? We've had some amazing sessions with some of our wonderful customers over the last few months... we've been helping with mobile phones, computer repairs and upgrades, photo libraries, music recording, wifi networks, backups, emails and much much more. All in a days work for your friendly local Tech support geeks!

I have been studying hard and am glad to say that I passed an exam on the latest Mac software known as "Sierra" so the lovely folks at Apple are aware that I know my stuff now (but we all knew that anyway!)

Leigh and myself look forward to working with you all in this lovely Springtime (come on weather, make it lovely, please!)

In the meantime we hope you enjoy our Spring newsletter.

Lead Trainer
Technology Made Simple


Leigh Holiday

Leigh will be on holiday for one week beginning on the 17th of March. Don't worry though, if you have any technology needs in that time Chris will still be available on 07515528608 or 


We have seen an increase in the marketing for a Mac application called "MacKeeper" and several of our customers have already succumbed to their advertising gimmicks. Just a warning that this app is useless for nearly all Mac users and should be avoided. The same is true for the majority of software which promises to clean up and speed up your machine. The Mac computers look after themselves very nicely on the whole and having a piece of software tweaking technical things in the background can cause all sorts of unwanted problems. If you need help removing MacKeeper or similar software from you machine, just drop us a line!


At TMS we are lucky to have very few last minute cancellations but, of course, they do happen. And when they happen there may well be others among you who would appreciate that session time with us, so we are going to put together a list of emails of anybody who would like a notification when we have a cancellation, so they have the opportunity to book in. If you would like to be on this list just click the button below which will create an email telling us to add you. All you need to do is press send! If it doesn't work for you just let us know in any way you can and you will be included!
I would like to be on the list please!

Video Testimonials

We are going to be updating the TMS website at shortly and would really love to have some videos of our customers talking about what benefits they have gained from their training and support from us. If you would like to be one of our video testimonials just let us know by clicking the button below which will create an email telling us you would be willing to help us out. Once again, if it doesn't work for you just let us know in any way you can and you will be included!
I would love to be in a video testimonial!

A day in the life

There's a bewildering array of technology available to us all in this modern age and it's sometimes hard to see how this stuff can actually make a real improvement to our lives when it seems to just want to annoy and frustrate us! So I thought I would put together a little overview of just some of the ways that technology helps me in a regular day.


The smartphone wakes me up with gentle tinkling melodies. I use the same phone to quickly check the weather, news headlines and my calendar for the day before getting out of bed.

I weigh myself with clever scales which tell me not just my weight but also a body fat percentage (damn, still far too high!). I promise myself that I will fill all of my movement rings on my Apple Watch today in an effort to get that percentage down.

Whilst making breakfast for the family I play my morning music playlist filled with upbeat music to start the day. I remote control the music with my phone and stream it to multiple speakers and televisions around the house so the happy music fills the place.

Into the car and my phone becomes the sat-nav, intelligently routing me around traffic build up. During the drive I listen to interesting Podcasts and Audio books to expand my mind during what would otherwise be a fairly boring journey.

When I get to a customer I use a database application on my iPad to keep notes on their lesson today, and can check back on previous lessons to see how we're progressing. I also use the calendar application to book them in for their next appointment. I can immediately open up my accounting app for customers who need an invoice and to register payments to tally up against the TMS bank statement. If anybody wants to pay with a card I use a bluetooth card reader which securely talks to the Worldpay card authorisation systems through my phone.

After the session I check my email and have been asked to log into a website that I haven't been on for months. No chance of remembering the password, so I open up the 1Password app, which securely remembers the passwords for me, to automatically log myself in to the site and get the job done.


While stopping for lunch I notice how beautiful the scenery is around me and I take an impromptu panoramic photograph on my phone camera. The picture is so nice I share it with my friends on Twitter and FaceBook so they can enjoy it too (or not as the case may be).

I use the 'my fitness pal' app to scan the barcode of the sandwich I'm eating. It automatically tells me how many calories it has and its nutritional makeup. When I'm trying to lose weight this helps keep me on track!

I see on Facebook that there is a TV programme on later that I really want to see, so I use an app to ask my TV box at home to record it for me just in case I forget.


While the kids watch some educational TV on Netflix (they don't even realise they're learning) I look at what food we have in for dinner and add a few things to my shopping list app on my phone; this list is shared between my phone and my wife's so whoever gets to the shop first has the up to date list.

I decide what to cook but I don't have a recipe for it so I go online to find a few example recipes and pick and choose elements from a couple of them to suit the ingredients we have.

After eating we have a video chat with my parents in Bristol. The kids like to keep in touch with their grandparents and video calling is a lovely way to do it, however far away people are.

When the kids are in bed we spend some time looking through our photo library on the computer and deciding on a few shots to make into a book for mums birthday.

As bedtime approaches our handheld devices automatically start to dim their screens to help us wind down for sleep. I use the headspace app for some guided meditation to help relax. If sleep doesn't come easily I have a few other sleep related apps with peaceful music and more guided relaxation techniques.

What a busy day!
You can see that technology can play a positive role in so many of our day to day activities. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! If you would like to do any of the things mentioned in this post you know who to call!

Interesting technology

This section is for looking at technology ideas that I think are ingenious. It's important to know however that we haven't tested any of these technologies and are not recommending them, just found them interesting! Click on the pictures to be linked to the relevant video.

Standing Wheelchair

TEK Robotic Mobilization Device
This standing wheelchair could offer a great deal of extra freedom to many current wheelchair users.

An interesting robot

Introducing Handle
Robot technology moves from strength to strength with each passing year!
If you like looking at interesting Robots, Boston Dynamics had a video leaked of some of their other creations. It's not very professional and its relatively long but click Here if you are interested for more!

A breakthrough for batteries!

The 94 year old inventor of the lithium-ion battery claims to have created a new type of battery which holds three times the charge of a similar-sized lithium-ion pack, charges faster, and isn’t as dangerously volatile as lithium-ion batteries. If true, it will be the biggest breakthrough in battery technology since the lithium-ion pack first came out.

Click Here for a short article about this breakthrough. 

Bill Gates says robots should be taxed

Bill Gates: the robot that takes your job should pay taxes
This idea has been widely derided in the media but however we look at it robots will be taking peoples jobs at increasing rates.

That's all folks!


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With best wishes to you all,

Chris Smith
Lead Trainer
Technology Made Simple

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