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Merry hardware and a happy new OS to you all!

It's only October and yet it feels like Christmas is looming ever closer. Everyone is asking me what I want for Christmas but I can't really say "iPad Pro please", people don't budget that much on me!
The good news is that for technology fans, some presents came early this year. Apple users have new operating systems iOS 9 and OS X 'El Capitan' available for free download, and many Windows users have had a free copy of Windows 10. So even those of us who can't afford the shiny new hardware have something to be happy about. But are we happy about it? Every new update brings changes we're not always ready for and things that were familiar may not look quite the same... some things might have outright disappeared! Well, as always, help is at hand from your friendly neighbourhood tech professionals. Book a session and we will be on hand to assist!


Leigh will be away between the 23rd of October to the 1st of November but anybody wanting some support can still get it from me (Chris) during that time. You can contact me on 07515528608 or email

RIP One to One

Many of our customers are familiar with the amazing One to One service that has been available for years from Apple Stores worldwide, but for those of you who haven't heard I must break the bad news, One to One is no more. The Apple Stores have stopped selling it as of the end of September so current users have just one year left at most. If you know anyone who feels left out in the cold from this move by Apple, be sure to let them know that we are here to help. I even wrote a blog post about it which you can look at by clicking here. There is even a special offer for both new and existing customers. Spread the good word and we will be forever in your debt!

New Apple Products

The chances are that Apple's relentless media onslaught has already informed you of some new shiny things being available. In fact many of you may be sick to death of hearing about it so I'll be brief but include links for further reading if you are interested.
iPhone 6S
The new iPhones have been breaking records once again by selling better than any hot cake in history. They are once again in two sizes and look identical to the last ones. They are however faster with improved cameras and a feature called '3D touch' which reviewers are really loving and allows quicker access to many features within the new iOS 9. Click here for the Apple page, here for an in depth review of the 6S and here for an in depth review of the 6S Plus.
iPad Pro and Pencil
The iPad Pro takes the success of the iPad and puts it in a bigger screen. It's almost as big as two regular iPads put next to each other. It was released alongside the 'Apple Pencil' which can be used for accurate drawing on the screen. It also has much improved sound, a powerful processor and optional clip on keyboard. Click here for the Apple page and here for a roundup of the information about it (no reviews as yet)
Apple TV
The next generation of the Apple TV brings with it a new touch sensitive controller, a faster processor, more onboard storage and most importantly (in my opinion) an App store much like the iPhone and iPad. The inclusion of the App Store will mean the Apple TV will be able to do so much more than it ever has before including games and all sorts of things that haven't even been thought of yet! Click here for the Apple page and here for a hands on review
Apple Keyboard, Mouse, Trackpad
Apple have also recently released new, rechargeable versions of their wireless keyboard, mouse and trackpad. I am particularly interested in the trackpad since it now includes their new 'force touch' technology which has previously only been available in their most recent laptops. Click here for the apple page and here for a mini review of all three.
OS X El Capitan
El Capitan is the name for the new version of the Operating System on Mac computers like the MacBook or iMac, officially also named version 10.11
The differences for users are relatively subtle this year with under-the-bonnet adjustments being more of a focus but there are some nice little new features in all sorts of places.

For the Apple page click here and for the super-long review from Ars Technica click here
iOS 9
iOS 9 is the latest Operating System for iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. The new updates are slightly different on iPads where you can now use apps in split screen and watch videos using picture-in-picture. On both iPhone and iPad there are extra features in the Notes app, Siri, maps, and others. I particularly like the new 'low power mode' which flicks all the switches behind the scenes to allow you to squeeze as much use out of your device as possible before the battery finally pops its clogs.

For the Apple page click here and for another super-long review from Ars Technica click here


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With best wishes to you all,

Chris Smith
Lead Trainer
Technology Made Simple

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