TMS newsletter no.3 - Sept 2014

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To the Technology Made Simple Newsletter, Edition No.3

Hello everybody and a warm welcome to the third edition of the Technology Made Simple newsletter.

And happy iOS 8 day to all my friends and customers who use iPhone, iPad or iPod touches. For those of you who don't know yet, the latest version of the operating system for iOS devices was released yesterday (Wednesday 17th of September) and is available to download right now. To celebrate this new arrival I thought I would put together a really quick list of things to be aware of when it comes to iOS 8. Of course if anybody needs a hand with this new system in any way, feel free to book a session and I will come and help you personally!

So here we go... some things to be aware of with regards to iOS 8

1. iOS 8 will not work on every portable Apple device. It can only work on the newer end of the range which means:

iPhone 4s or later
iPad 2 or later
iPad mini or later
iPod touch (5th gen)

Anything older than these will not run iOS 8 I'm afraid.

2. It's quite a large download. Many people have found that they don't have space on their device to do the update. To check whether you have room go to the settings on your device, then to 'General' and 'Software Update', it will tell you here whether you can update straight away. If you don't have enough space you can consider updating via iTunes on your computer instead of updating directly on your device. In fact this is generally a more reliable method of updating anyway! For instructions on how to update using either method, click here.

3. It could take some time. It may not be a great idea to start updating shortly before having to use your device. So if you have a vital business meeting this morning, hold off until afterwards ok?

4. Things can go wrong. Those who know me well will realise that one of my golden rules of technology is 'never trust technology'. I don't expect any updates to go wrong but it's fact that a certain small percentage of updates will cause problems, don't be caught out if this happens to you! Back up everything of value on your device before updating. For instructions on how to back up, click here. I also like to recommend getting all of your photos and videos into your computer as well, since you can never have too many backups.

5. Plug your device in to charge whilst you update. For those of you updating via iTunes, this isn't a problem but if you're updating on the device itself it's prudent to be charging. Losing power during an update can cause all sorts of problems!

6. Things will not be the same again. Although iOS 8 isn't generally confusing for users of iOS 7, there are differences (why else would we update right?). If you don't like the changes it's not easy to get back to iOS 7, in fact it's so challenging and risky that for must of us we should just assume that it can't be done. Once the iOS 8 switch is flicked it can't be un-flicked!

I hope these quick tips were of use to you. There are so many new features in iOS 8 that I won't take up your time here talking about all of them, but if you're interested there is a nice overview of the new features on Apple's web site here.

There are also a fair few videos out there showing some of these features in action. I plan to make some of my own iOS 8 'Quick Tips' videos, much like I have for the Mac, in the near future. In the meantime, click here if you would like to see a brief (13 minutes 22 seconds) video overview of the new features.

Of course there have been more amazing announcements from Apple over the last week including information on the new iPhones and the Watch. Once again I won't take up your valuable time with details that can be got at easily elsewhere. If you want to see some details of the new phones, click here. If you would like to see details of the Watch, click here. All of these new products were announced during Apple's keynote speech on the 9th of September. It's quite a long presentation at just over 2 hours so for anyone who wants to jump to a specific bit, I have written a blog post with information on when key events happen in the speech. Click here to go to the post.

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Warm regards to you all,

Chris Smith
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On September the 9th Apple made a huge presentation showing off their new iPhones, Pay and Watch. I found myself going back to it so much that I wrote down the timings of when key things happen in the presentation. Click here to see my timing notes.
I have been busy developing some short video tips for users of Apple computers, there have been updates since the last newsletter so click here to see them!
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