TMS newsletter no.9 - Aug 2015

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It's the Technology Made Simple Newsletter! Edition No.9

Direct from the fingers of TMS Chris, then polished to a shine by our crack team of digital gnomes, this issue has been carried direct to you on a virtual satin cushion encrusted with bitcoin gems. It's our regular missive designed to educate, interest and inspire... the TMS newsletter.

Leigh and myself have both been busy visiting both new and regular customers with all sorts of interesting challenges over the last month. We've been wrangling many a photo library into shape, editing videos, backing up precious memories, helping to organise customers time with digital calendars and all sorts beyond!

In this issue I'm going to look at some Apple related rumours, talk a little about Windows 10 and explain what periscope it (hint: it has nothing to do with submarines!), so read on and as always if you have any technology problems that you could do with some help with, don't hesitate to get in touch!

One important update for the month ahead is that I will be away from Birmingham on and off between the 26th of August and the 24th of September. Things will be up in the air for me during this period but as always Leigh will be available for sessions (call 07903 377100 or email and I will always be available via phone and email. If you want a session with me during this period just let me know and I will do my best to fit you in!

TMS Lead Trainer

Apple Rumours

Well it's that time of year again when everybody seems to know all the details of the upcoming iPhone but there are some other interesting rumours doing the rounds too so I thought I would let you know what they are!

iPhone 6S and 6S +

The next generation of iPhone is likely to be following the traditions of the last few years by looking the same as the previous one and just having internal changes. Some of the more likely rumours talk about a 12 megapixel camera with 4K video, a faster processor and the introduction of force touch which allows you to do different things on the phone by pressing the screen a little harder than usual. 

iPad Pro

The press have been referring to this rumoured new device as the iPad Pro, but it's more likely to be called the iPad Air Plus. It's essentially going to be a larger iPad with a screen of similar dimensions to the 13" MacBooks (12" x 8.76"). Rumours are pointing towards a very high resolution screen, the same fingerprint reading technology as the current iPhones and iPads, better audio and force touch. The force touch especially could be a great feature for graphic designers who want to be able to vary their drawing based on how hard they're pressing, just like traditional drawing materials.

Apple TV

The current Apple TV has been around since around 2012 and the design has been pretty much identical since 2010 so it's high time that it had a re-think. According to the rumour mill it's had a complete re-vamp. Some of the things we can expect include a new remote control, an app store, Siri integration and a streaming service for TV and films (although it sounds like this service has had to be postponed as deals with the TV networks prove difficult to achieve!).

The Apple Car (no, really!)

This sounds like quite an outlandish rumour but The Guardian has published an article about how Apple is working on a self driving car. This actually comes as very little surprise as many other tech giants are doing similar work, but nobody really thought that Apple was very far along with their initial work. Click here for a link to The Guardian article

Windows 10 Update

So at the end of July Windows 10 was released to a mainly apathetic public with burning questions such as "what new way have Microsoft decided they're going to ruin my life today" and "what was wrong with Windows XP anyway?".
Well, big surprise, it's actually rather good and I've been tinkering with it for a little while now. They have taken some design cues from Apple along with feedback about how nobody really likes Windows 8 and crafted a nice system that I think most computer users will be very happy with.
I am using it on my mac along with the newly released Parallels 11 which allows you to run Windows inside your Mac system without having to reboot the computer and with a lot of versatility. It even allows you to back up your windows section to a time machine backup, which was historically a real problem.
If you're interested in updating your windows computer to Windows 10, or doing what I've done and getting it installed inside your Apple machine there are some wonderful chaps who can help you with that... us!
Just drop us a line if Microsoft's new offering sounds like it could be good for you, we'll be happy to help.

Jargon explained

We hate Jargon here at TMS, but sometimes a new word or phrase enters the public vocabulary and you can't help but hear it all over the place. I've been hearing this one quite a bit so I thought you might be interested to know...

What the $!%* is Periscope

Good question.

Well Periscope is an Application available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store (so for smart phones and tablets) which allows somebody to broadcast themselves or what they're looking at out to the world live in real time. So when you open the app you can look at a map of the world and see how many people are broadcasting live right now, then you can go and look at what they're doing. One minute you might be watching someone rebuilding a village in Nepal and the next minute watch someone feeding the ducks in the park down the road. It's made by the people at Twitter (that may need another jargon buster!).
It's an interesting experience and one that has captured the imagination of social media users around the world. Click Here for the Periscope website and here for a longer (and probably better) explanation from the Telegraph.


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