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Tech Harvest

The conkers are falling and my smart thermostat is starting to kick into action which can only mean one thing... we're gradually moving into Autumn. But don't let the colder weather get you down because this years new technology releases look really exciting! As we run up to Christmas plenty of companies are getting their ducks in a row to bring us tempting new gizmos and gadgets to fill our stockings.

If you need help deciding which technology can best improve your life, or need to get your current equipment doing what you would like it to, don't hesitate to get in touch with TMS Chris for some friendly professional assistance!

Chris Smith
Lead Trainer, Technology Made Simple


After going down to three days a week over the Summer Holidays I have found that, on the whole, I can happily fit all of my customers into three days with careful scheduling. Adding this fact to the increasing costs of nursery fees I have decided to try continuing with a three day week whilst looking after my son on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you have a specific need for a session on a Tuesday or Thursday just let me know in advance and we can sort something out.

Apple Announcements

The Apple special event where they announced the new iPhones as well as a new Apple Watch and Apple TV took place on the 12th of September. Click this button:
Apple Event Sept 2017 Blog post
To go to my blog post which takes the announcements and gives the pertinent timings so you can skip right to the bit which interests you. There is also a link on the blog post which goes over all of the announcements in a 15 minute video if you are just looking for an overview.

Jargon Busting

There are some pieces of jargon which really need explaining if you are to make sense of the technology world. In this issue we look at another two that you might come across...

Internet of Things

The internet of things (or IoT) refers to the proliferation of devices which talk to each other via the internet with or without human interaction. These 'smart devices' are filled with technology such as sensors and networking hardware in order to report back to their users or other devices. Examples of these connected devices would be thermostats which can be controlled via a phone app, light switches which turn on from a voice activated command, a doorbell that rings on your phone as well as inside your house, or a coffee maker which can start brewing when you activate it from your bed (what luxury).
These devices are designed to make life easier and more convenient but can (if badly designed) become ways for hackers to break into our everyday lives, so every internet connected device must be viewed as a potential security weak point... 


Ransomware is a particularly vicious strain of software that criminals can use to extort money from people. They work by taking the files and folders on a victims computer (think pictures, documents etc.) and encrypting them so that the owner cannot access them. They then attempt to extort money from their victim by holding these precious files to ransom, promising to release the files upon the payment of a certain amount of money. These malicious bits of software are much more widespread today than ever before simply because they make substantial profits for the crooks that distribute them. You can foil the criminals by having a recent backup of your files (preferably not connected permanently to your computer) and by keeping your software up to date. If you use windows you will also need to make sure your anti-virus software is all up to date too.

Interesting Technology

This section is for looking at technology ideas that I think are ingenious. It's important to know however that we haven't tested any of these technologies and are not recommending them, just found them interesting! Click on the pictures to be linked to the relevant video.

Robot Chef

The World's First Robotic Kitchen - TV Commercial
Relatively soon the worlds first robotic kitchens will become available. The idea is that professional chefs will be recorded cooking a dish and the robots play back that recording in your home to prepare it for you!

Smarter Solar

This clever design allows for a better capturing of the suns energy by following its movement across the sky.

See you next time!

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With best wishes to you all,

Chris Smith
Lead Trainer
Technology Made Simple
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