Building Tutorials

I've been busy over the last couple of weeks. No surprises really having just launched my own business, this is no time for relaxing! But alongside the printing and delivering of flyers, the building of this website and all the other social media stuff that's been going on I have been finding the time to make some tutorials that I'm very happy with. 

My problem with video tutorials has generally been that I feel my time is being wasted when I watch them. You can watch for hours to learn a load of skills that you will likely never use, or could have worked out for yourself. My tutorials are different, they recognise that your time is precious and as such they get straight to the good stuff. I have a set of three in the pipeline, each focusing on one of Apple's pro applications, Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro X and Aperture 3. I'm going to attempt to introduce the fundamentals of each of these apps in around an hour (that's an hour for each app, an hour for all three would just be silly). I don't want to waste anybody's time going through the features that I think you're unlikely to use. I'm going to cover the important stuff.  

This will be on top of the quick tips videos that I'll be continuing to release every Friday. I will make each of these hour long videos freely available on YouTube, split into roughly five minute chunks for easy digestion.  

I look forward to releasing the first one which will be looking at the fundamentals of Logic Pro X.  

If you would like me to make tutorials for you or your business, get in touch. I'll be happy to make you some bespoke tutorials for your technology needs.