Apple's Special Event, September 2017

The Apple event on September 12th introduced a new Apple Watch, a new Apple TV and two new models of iPhone. But you might not want to see every bit of the event since it was almost two hours long, so I have put together a list of timings so you can jump right to the bits you are interested in...

Firstly, here is the link to the entire keynote video:

If you don't want to use the timings to skip through and just want a 15 minute overview, the Verge has put together a highly edited version which gets the main points across, the YouTube link is here: 


And so... here are the timings which will let you jump to whichever bit of the full event you are interested in!

Apple Keynote September 2017

0:00 Welcome to the Steve Jobs Theater with audio quote from Steve and Tim Cook honouring his memory.

5:50 Tim Cook talks about recent hurricanes and mentions ways to donate to emergency relief funds.

7:00 Tim talks about the new Apple Campus and the new Steve Jobs Theatre

9:45 Angela Ahrendts on stage to talk about Apple Retail

17:35 Apple Watch announcements

39:30 Apple TV announcements

48:55 Demonstration of upcoming Apple TV game ‘Sky’ From ‘That Games Company’

53:00 iPhone announcements begin with Tim talking through a quick history of iPhone and how it has revolutionised different areas of the industry.

55:50 The iPhone 8 is revealed

56:40 Phil Schiller up on stage to talk through some new features on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+

1:08:35 Demonstration of an AR game ‘The Machines’ on iPhone from ‘Directive Games’

1:12:00 Phil is back to wrap up the iPhone 8 announcements including wireless charging info, release date and Pricing

1:15:45 Tim Cook is back on stage to announce “One more thing”… the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone ten)

1:18:00 Phil is back up to talk through some of the iPhone X’s features

1:31:15 Craig Federighi is up to give a demo of the iPhone X

1:38:05 Phil is back to talk about some extra features including the cameras in iPhone X

1:42:44 Sneak peek of the Apple ‘AirPower’ wireless charger available next year

1:44:43 Video for iPhone X

1:48:20 Wrap up of iPhone X details including sizes, order dates and pricing

1:49:05 A look at the whole line up of iPhones (this year there are 8 models available!)

1:50:00 Tim is back to show the advert for the iPhone X and recap on the whole event

1:54:00 End