Apple's keynote speech 16/10/14

Yesterday brought a new Apple keynote speech launching some great new products, here is the link for the video:

And here are the timings for when everything happens for those of you who don't want to sit through the whole thing!


0.20 iPhone launch video from all the retail stores

2.10 Tim on to talk about iPhone 6 figures and statistics

5.30 Tim talks about  Pay which starts working on Monday in the US

7.55 Tim talks about the  Watch which will ship in early 2015

10.50 Craig Federighi comes onstage to talk about iOS 8 and Yosemite

11.00 iOS 8 review, figures comparison with Android releases

12.35 a quick review of iOS features

17.14 iOS 8.1 is revealed including Pay and iCloud photo library

18.42 The focus shifts to Yosemite

19.00 We get an overview of some of the new features in Yosemite

22.00 iTunes and iWork updates for Yosemite are briefly looked at

22.50 iCloud Drive is briefly looked at

23.30 The focus shifts to how Apple devices work together with iCloud, Airdrop and Continuity

25.45 The demo of Yosemite begins with showing continuity features in the building of a keynote document

29.10 Making a phone call using a Mac paired with an iPhone

34.55 Tim is back on stage to talk about iPad

41.20 IPad Air 2 is looked at with Phil Schiller

52.40 the Pixelmator team arrive to talk about Pixelmator for iPad - an image editor

55.25 the Replay team show off their video editing app on iPad Air 2

58.20 Phil Schiller is back for a quick summary of iPad Air 2

59.30 Prices are revealed starting at $499

60.10 iPad mini 3 revealed

62.30 Focus shifts to talking about the Mac range

64.00 Retina display video reveals that the iMac will now be available with retina display

64.50 iMac with retina display is looked at in more detail

72.50 Price for Retina display iMac is revealed to be $2499

73.40 Mac Mini details revealed

74.35 Mac Mini price revealed to be $499

75.00 - back to Tim for final summary