Apple Keynote speech

On September the 9th Apple made a long (roughly 2 hours) presentation outlining their new releases including the new iPhones and Watch.

Being a geek, I have found myself jumping back to this presentation multiple times and ended up skimming through the video, looking for particular bits. For my own reference I made a little reference guide of when things happen in the presentation, so I thought I would share it here for anyone who wants to go directly to a specific section.

First off, click here to access the presentation itself.

And here are the timings:

0.00 - Disclaimers and introductory video

Actually worth a watch even if you're not planning on watching anything else because it's put together so nicely

3.00 - Tim Cook walks on stage

5.30 - History of the iPhone

7.00 - iPhone introductory video

8.38 - Phil Schiller on stage talking about the new phones

19.20 - A look at games companies who are using Apple's new 'Metal' technology

23.00 - Phil Schiller back on stage talking more about the iPhones

28.10 - The camera information is revealed

32.30 - Topic moves to recording video

36.00 - Talk turns to iOS 8

38.14 - Pricing is revealed

40.30 - Tim Cook is back with new iPhone adverts featuring Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon

43.20 - Pay is introduced

47.40 - Eddy Cue on stage to talk about Pay in more detail

55.00 - Tim Cook is back to announce 'One more thing'

57.00 - Watch video

59.10 - Tim Cook is back for a standing ovation and to talk about the Watch

64.34 - Video begins featuring Jony Ive, the designer.

75.12 - Tim is back

76.14 - Kevin Lynch who led the software development for Watch is on stage to give a demonstration

91.50 - Tim Cook is back to talk about more details including fitness and pricing of Watch

102.20 - Wrap up

103.20 - Music time

105.30 - U2 on stage to perform

110.10 - Tim Cook back to talk to U2

113.05 - New U2 album is released to over 500 million iTunes users for free

118.00 - Thanks to the teams at Apple

119.45 - The end of the presentation - crowds filter out