WWDC 2017

Well, WWDC has been and gone and there were a fair few announcements which could be interesting to my customers. As usual however I suspect that most of my customers will only be interested in certain announcements and not the entire two hours and twenty(ish) minutes. So I have created a simple timings list to allow you to jump to the most interesting pieces for you...

First off the entire WWDC video is available to stream from here:


And this is the one I have don't timings for, but Macrumors.com have also put together a recap of the event in just 7 minutes available from:


Which is handy for an overview although it misses a lot of the detail.

Depending on what platform you are running the full video on, it will either count the video progress in hours minutes and seconds, or just minutes and seconds. So if I say a time of 1:30:20 that means 1 hour 30 minutes and 20 seconds, this would translate to 90 minutes and 20 seconds if your player just gives you minutes... So on with the timings!

WWDC 2017 Timings notes

0.30 Apple servers comedy skit

3.22 Tim Cook on stage for the welcome

6.35 Attention turns to the four platforms watchOS tvOS iOS and macOS

7.24 we have 6 important announcements to share...

7.30 Announcement 1 - tvOS

Amazon prime video is coming to Apple TV

8.55 Announcement 2 - Apple Watch

9.41 Kevin Lynch up to talk about watchOS updates

16.48 a demo of watchOS 4 with Vera Carr

19.20 back to Kevin for a few other developer features

20.41 Announcement 3 - the Mac

21.24 Craig Federighi on stage to talk about macOS "High Sierra"
Includes details on safari, mail, photos, the technologies underlying the update, graphics

34.05 John Turnis on to talk about Mac
Includes details of the new iMac upgrades

38.00 John Knoll from industrial light and magic to show off some Star Wards VR (Virtual Reality) content they made on Mac

43.00 John Turnis is back to talk about the notebook upgrades

45.10 iMac Pro sneak peek

51.20 Announcement 4 - iOS

52.38 Craig Federighi back on stage to talk through iOS 11
Includes information about Messages, ApplePay, Siri, the camera, photos app, and control centre.

1.1.25 iOS11 Demo
Demo includes app switching, editing Live Photos, improved photo memories and Siri

1.07.50 Demo ends, information about maps app begins

1.10.45 HomeKit information

1.12.34 Apple Music

1.14.00 App Store 1.17.05 brand new App Store revealed

1.19.10 demo of new App Store with Ann Thai

1.23.22 Craig Federighi is back to talk about machine learning and AR (Augmented Reality)

1.26.00 ARkit demo

1.29.22 wingnut demo of their AR content

1.33.25 Announcement 5 - iPad

1.34.10 Greg 'Joz' Joswiak on stage to talk about iPad Pro
Includes information on the new 10.5" iPad Pro and the new improved displays

1.37.00 ProMotion introduced for improved display performance

1.39.00 iPad Pro Performance improvements

1.40.00 Ash Hewson of Serif on stage to demo of Affinity Photo

1.43.30 Joz is back on stage to talk about iPad Pro cameras, pricing and shipping

1.46.20 Craig is back to talk about iPad specific features in iOS 11
Includes the Dock, Application switching, Drag and drop, Keyboard improvements & Files app

1.49.05 Demo of iOS 11 on iPad
Includes dock, app switching, drag and drop and files app

1.52.10 out of demo and talking about Apple Pencil includes Markup, create pdf, screenshots, notes with document scanner and mail

1.54.50 Toby Paterson up to demo Apple Pencil features.
Includes spotlight search on handwritten notes, drawing in notes, document scanner in notes, markup on screenshots

2.00.00 iPad Pro and iOS 11 video

2.01.26 Announcement 6 - Homepod

2.02.49 Phil on stage to introduce home pod
Talks about the thinking behind the design

2.04.39 introduction video

2.05.16 Phil is back to go over the features. 
Includes dynamic audio shaping, Siri for Apple Music, use with HomeKit, and privacy. 

2.15.02 Tim is back on stage to round up and recap.