One to One is dead. Long live One to One!

Apple closes One to One personal training but Technology Made Simple is here to help!


The end of September marked a sad moment for all users of Apple's 'One to One' service. It was removed from sale at all of the Apple Store locations around the world.

As a former Apple Creative in the Solihull Apple store I know well how many Apple users have come to rely on the One to One service for support with their technology. We were not just teaching technology but forging friendships and building ongoing relationships with the customers who needed it most.

It's easy to see why One to One has been taken off sale... the Apple store's are too busy. They can get so busy that it's a difficult environment to learn in but also having learners in store takes up valuable space that could be used for more essential services. I would also imagine that the percentage of Apple's customers who were actually using the service was likely extremely small, despite its popularity amongst certain groups of users.

Well, 'One to One' may be dead but the teaching of Apple products on a one to one basis is certainly very much alive and kicking and here at Technology Made Simple we would like to let Apple One to One customers know that, if you are in the West Midlands at least, there is help available.

We don't claim to be a One to One replacement, after all it did have its own problems and limitations... we are instead a One to One alternative. Imagine getting the level of knowledge and teaching skills that One to One offered but without some of the hassle that it entailed.

  • Goodbye to putting your massive iMac into the boot of the car and taking it to a store.
  • Goodbye to struggling to hear what your trainer is saying over the din of a busy sales floor.
  • Goodbye to the hassle and expense of parking or dealing with public transport to get to your local Apple store.
  • Goodbye to having a different trainer for every training session and having to explain yourself over and over again, only to be given an alternative solution each time.

Say Hello to a brighter way of getting your training fix. We come to you and deliver training in the comfort of your own environment. We work to really get to know you and care about how you are progressing, and we have availability now, not booking a slot in two weeks time but today*

Why not take advantage of our free 30 minute consultation for new customers and see what Technology Made Simple can do for you. As well as teaching Apple products we also train in products from Microsoft, Google, Samsung etc. Just ask whether we cover what you want to know!

As a sweetener for those mourning the passing of One to One we are introducing a special offer for the remainder of 2015. For our new customers, as well as getting your free 30 minute consultation you will get your first two hours of training at £20 per hour. This can be taken as a two hour chunk, or as two one hour chunks.

If you are already a customer of ours, don't feel left out! This party is for everybody. Get your next two hours of training at £20 per hour, just like new customers but without the free 30 minutes.

Just mention our special One to One deal when booking your session to claim your discount. Travel costs may still apply, only one two hour deal per person.

We look forward to helping you all out with your tech worries!

Chris Smith
Lead Trainer
Technology Made Simple


* We can't guarantee that you will always be able to book a session on the same day but at the time of writing the vast majority of customers can do exactly that.