Who am I?

Since an early age I have been interested in technology and developed my skills by taking my parents home appliances apart and putting them back together again. When I got my first computer as a teenager I managed to wipe the contents of it completely within a day of owning it, and learnt a lot about computers by having to put it all back together again. Since then I have been the 'go to' person for friends and family who need help and support with their technology. Having a mother who was a speech and drama teacher as I was growing up also helped me to become adept at communicating. In university my degree was 'Media Studies with business management and IT, specialising in commercial music production'. My last six years has been spent as a trainer for Apple... further honing my communication skills with the addition of first class customer service training. I am certified in a wide variety of software including Apple's Final Cut, Logic, Motion and Aperture packages.

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Why Learn Technology?

You already have an idea as to why you should learn technology. It's that little nagging feeling that you're being left behind. There's such a huge breadth of information out there that it would be impossible for one person to learn it all (myself included).

In my opinion it's less about learning everything and more about getting good at finding the information out for yourself. When I teach I like to make sure that my customers are learning more than just a list of commands, I like them to know how to find their own way around their technology when it's needed. In certain circumstances it's not needed so I'm more than happy to leave my customers with written instructions on how to repeat more tricky, or less often used, tasks.

With a little knowhow you can use your technology for so much and this list is just going to get bigger! Here's a little taster:

  • Online Shopping
  • Social Networks/Communication
  • Entertainment
  • Games
  • Efficiency
  • Hobbies such as scrapbooking, genealogy, gardening
  • Creating an online business
  • Catch up with television
  • Read books, newspapers and magazines without them taking up space
  • Listen to audiobooks
  • Learn an instrument
  • Writing music
  • Dictate letters to your computer
  • Automate elements of your home
  • Contact friends & family around the world cheaply


Why Learn From me?

Of course - there are other options available to those who want to learn technology...

Learn from a book

You can't ask a book a question which means that it's time consuming to trawl through a load of information you will never need. Plus technology books are out of date almost as soon as they're published, rendering them a confusing exercise in working out why your tech doesn't look like the tech in the book.

Learn from your friends or Family

As polite as your friends and family are they really don't have time to explain technology to you. They're too busy already using it and enjoying it. Even if they are happy to teach you, would you feel happy using up all their time? And how much experience do they really have, in both knowing the technology and being able to explain it clearly?

Call a support telephone number

If you're lucky enough to get someone you can understand over the phone, how much are you going to be paying for your call? Some support lines charge a one off fee for each call where some charge per minute - that's even when you're on hold! Why talk to someone half way across the world when there's someone available nearby?

Take a course

There are a lot of courses out there for learning very specific pieces of software. Depending on the software and method of tuition prices vary wildly but they all have one thing in common - they are an intensive period of tuition followed by... nothing. If you forget the information from the course you either take the course again or struggle on as before.


Or... a better way

All of these aforementioned learning methods can all be successful to a greater or lesser degree but nothing beats individual tuition from somebody who knows you, moves at your pace and uses language you understand. Here are some other advantages of TMS training:

  • Unless you're coming to one of our group sessions there is no travel involved. Either we come to you or we have a real time link up via the internet.
  • You can book a regular slot if that's what you're after or be more flexible and just arrange sessions every so often when needed.
  • There is no long term commitment - when you have learnt all you want, just stop. Start again at any time.
  • Consistent trainers who have all of your information and progress to hand.
  • If you have a deadline or simply have no need to learn a topic we can complete most tasks for you, either during your booking or over an agreed period of time.