In my career as a technology trainer and in my personal life I have had the pleasure to meet some incredible people, and of course some who I would never recommend!

This page is for the former... those people who I do not hesitate to recommend to both my friends and clients alike. Sometimes it's hard to find a service that you know will be professional, friendly and willing to go the extra mile for customers; these people and businesses will do just that - they have for me!

More recommendations will be added once I get their permission to be on my page.

I should mention here that I have been not been paid anything to give these recommendations.



Ash Hawkins of Lightyear Films creates amazing videos to help business customers build their brand, as well as doing weddings, short films, dance shows and pretty much any other occasion where a professionally filmed and edited video will capture those precious memories. Like myself, Ash is certified in Final Cut Pro X, so you know he's going to do your film justice in the edit. Just look at his testimonials page! Tons of happy customers!



Doug Hirst of Bearded Geek worked with me at Apple for many years. But where I specialised in training, Doug was always one of the more technical people. Let's put it this way... where I am normally thought of like a driving instructor, Doug would generally be thought of more as a mechanic. He's based in Huntingdon, north west of Cambridge and can look after all sorts of geeky things! Visit his page for more detail.