Depending on what stage you have reached with your technology already, you may be interested in either individual or group tuition. Here are some details of what each service entails, if you have any more questions feel free to contact me!


Individual Training

Individual training sessions tend to be 60 or 120 minutes in length and can cover any topic that you choose. Many customers prefer a question and answer layout for their sessions but there is a comprehensive curriculum available for those who enjoy a more defined structure.

Individual lessons can cover (but are not restricted to):

Computer fundamentals and getting started

iPad and iPhone use


Contacts and Calendars

Photos and photo editing

Movies and Movie editing

Storing and playing a library of music or video

Writing and editing music

Cloud services


Word processing

Developing and delivering presentations

Deciding on mobile phone contracts


Group Training

Group training generally involves a two hour session covering one particular topic. When public group sessions are available they will be shown on the 'Group Training Events' page. More private bespoke group training sessions are available for businesses, groups or even families on request.

Public groups cover a variety of topics which include:

Buying a computer

Covers how much you should expect to spend in order to do what you want. Why go for a portable or a desktop machine? Understanding all the sales jargon. Windows or Apple?

The basics of computing

Covers browsing and searching the internet, email and a basic overview of some of the most popular uses of computers

Computing... the next steps

Looks at some of the most popular uses of computers in more detail, including word processing, spreadsheets and Skype.

Social Networks

Takes a look at Facebook and Twitter - the two most popular social networks.

Modern media technology

Includes working with photos, music and videos

Computers... warnings and maintenance

This important topic covers Virus protection, malware, backing up and general security

Getting started with iPads

The iPad is fast becoming the one piece of technology that everyone wants to own. This session looks at why they are so popular and what they actually do...

Going further with iPads

Aimed at owners of iPads, this session looks at how to use your iPad with a computer to move content back and forth and introduces the applications available that nearly every iPad user wants!