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Terms & Conditions

Like most businesses, Technology Made Simple has T's & C's for you to agree to. In the spirit of making things simple (it's what we do!) we have translated the official terms into actual language that anyone should be able to understand, then the proper legal terms are a little further down

Key bits from Terms and conditions - in ‘non-legal’

We don’t know everything

Back up your data - it’s not our fault if you lose stuff

Lessons are first come, first served

If you cancel on us just before an appointment you will be charged a cancellation fee

We may make notes for ourselves about how you’re progressing and what we’ve covered

We might tell other people about what we’re doing but we won’t use your name or other personal details unless you say we can

We won’t keep your passwords unless you tell us to

If we can’t physically get to your technology comfortably we might refuse to help you, and might still charge you something for our trouble

We don’t have to work with you if we have a good reason not to

Our prices may change over time and we charge for travel

We expect payment straight away unless we’ve agreed otherwise

If we are helping a minor (under 18) there has to be a parent/guardian around

We only speak English



Technology Made Simple - Terms & Conditions


Important Technology Made Simple (“we”, “us” or “TMS”) provides services to you (“you”) under the following Terms and Conditions (“Terms”). These Terms will become binding on you and us when we confirm a lesson time with you (either verbally or in writing), at which point a contract will come into existence between you and us.

Limitations of training TMS make no claims to have knowledge of all aspects of technology, and cannot be deemed to be at fault for any training requests which we cannot deliver.

Preventing data loss and confidential information You understand and agree that TMS will not be liable for any loss, damage, alteration, corruption or disclosure of any files, folders, data, programs or any of your confidential, business, proprietary and/or personal information (“Data”). If any service carried out by us involves accessing or using any data stored on your computer or other devices, you affirm that you have the legal right to access, use or copy any such data, and permit TMS to do so. TMS will not be liable for the disclosure of any confidential information to us.

It is your responsibility to take adequate measures to protect your own data, and you are encouraged and expected to keep a regular back up of all of your data. It is also your responsibility to undertake any restoration and/or reconstruction of lost, damaged, altered or corrupted data.

Lesson Times TMS cannot guarantee the availability of specific lesson times or dates. Times made available for booking are offered on a first come, first served basis. TMS reserves the right to cancel training sessions, but only under exceptional circumstances.

Cancellation of appointments Cancellations of training/services up to 48 hours prior to the appointment time will not be subject to any extra charge. Training/services cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will incur a cancellation charge of 50% of your session fee excluding travel costs. Training/services cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will incur a cancellation charge of 100% of your session fee excluding travel costs. Training/services cancelled with no notice will incur a cancellation charge of 100% of your session fee including travel costs.

Installing software if any service provided by TMS includes the installation of software, you confirm that you have the legal right to agree to the terms of any applicable software licence and authorise us to accept such terms on your behalf in performing the services.

Data held about you You understand and agree that we will collect information about you for the purposes of delivering our services to you. With your knowledge, we may record lessons for training and monitoring purposes. You will receive periodic communications from us for marketing purposes unless it is specifically requested that these communications cease. You may also receive requests to participate in member surveys. No information held about you will be shared without your explicit consent.

Passwords Sometimes it may be necessary for TMS to obtain and use your software or web services passwords on your behalf. TMS will not retain any passwords unless you specifically request that we do so.

Working environment and condition of equipment You must ensure that your computer and any related equipment is in good working order and readily and easily accessible at the time of our visit. If your computer does not work or is in an unsuitable working environment, which renders TMS unable to readily and easily deliver its services, we reserve the right to charge a call out/travel fee.

Our right to refuse service TMS reserve the right to refuse service and terminate our business relationship for any reasonable cause. This includes, but is not restricted to, any unreasonable, abusive or disruptive behaviour; or requests to work in conjunction with any illegal, offensive or inappropriate content or material.

Our prices All prices advertised are a guide only and can be changed depending on the training being delivered, number of participants to the training and other factors. TMS will seek your agreement in relation to pricing before any services are carried out, at which point you are within your rights to refuse service.

Payment Barring any pre-arranged payment terms, payment is expected at the same time as services are performed. Payment can be via card, cheque, cash, bank transfer, or via the TMS website where available.

Training minors A parent or guardian must be physically present for the training of minors under the age of 18, and must agree to these terms and conditions on their behalf.

English language All training will be delivered in English language. TMS will deliver services through an interpreter if requested but it is your responsibility to ensure that the interpreter has the requisite ability to convey TMS’s training.

Informational purposes only All information provided by TMS during our time together is intended for informational purposes only.

Limitation of Liability TMS will not be liable under these Terms for any loss or damage caused by us or our employees or agents in circumstances where any loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of any breach by TMS of these Terms. Further, neither TMS nor its employees or agents will be liable to you for any loss or damage resulting from breach by you of any of the Terms. Our liability to you under these Terms shall not exceed the amount you paid for your TMS services.

If any provision (or part of any provision) of these Terms is found to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable under any applicable law, such term shall, insofar as it is severable from the remaining terms, be deemed omitted from these Terms and shall in no way affect the legality, validity or enforceability of the remaining terms.

A waiver by TMS of any right under these Terms or law is shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any subsequent breach or default. No failure or delay by TMS to exercise any right provided under these Terms or by law shall constitute a waiver of that or any other right or remedy, nor shall it prevent or restrict TMS’ further exercise of that or any other right or remedy.

These Terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. You should keep copies of these Terms, and any sales receipts or other materials, for your records. TMS reserves the right to substitute, change, cancel or add to any part of these Terms at any time. Visit for an up to date copy of TMS’ terms and conditions.


Nothing in these Terms will reduce your statutory rights.

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